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Rosacea - soothe facial redness and flushing caused by rosacea.

You don't have to live with the signs of rosacea, and you don't have to spend valuable time and money covering it up with makeup.

Selective photothermolysis rosacea treatments can reduce rosacea redness, and "flushing" to reveal clearer, more natural-looking skin in just a few easy treatments that are practically pain free.

Selective photothermolysis rosacea treatment is clinically-proven to reduce:
   - Rash, redness and flushing
   - Acne-like papules, pustules and patches
   - Rosacea swelling, inflammation and discomfort

Rosacea treatments use selective photothermolysis to target and treat the blood vessels responsible for the chronic redness that appears on the skin. Post treatment, the vessels responsible for the rosacea are less red and the rash is diminished. Rosacea treatment can provide skin tone improvement by diminishing the appearance of broken blood vessels and acne-like breakouts associated with this common skin condition.