Rhonda Dorren Biography

Rhonda Dorren, B.Sc.Pharm, CEO & Founder, Clinical PharmacistRhonda-sitting-7-cropped

“I have a true passion for helping people experience freedom and regain confidence. I created ChiQue because there was no other solution available that combined proven solutions for body and skin transformations through personalized treatment protocols applying non-invasive body sculpting, comprehensive skin care, **laser** treatments, skin tightening, weight loss and weight management with comprehensive healthcare professional monitoring." Rhonda Dorren, Founder

Rhonda has more than 30 years’ experience in the healthcare industry in Canada, having held the following positions:

  • Vice President Scientific Affairs and Consumer Health at North American Nutritional Supplement and
  • Weight Management Services Company
  • President at Mint Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Vice President Business Development, Government Affairs and Corporate Relations at Gennium Pharma Inc.
  • Senior Executive at Business Management and Development, Pharmaceutical, OTC and Healthcare


Rhonda created ChiQue Pharma Clinic to meet an unmet need for the complexity of body transformations combining non-invasive treatments for the body and face, weight loss and weight control. Personalized protocols address the issues of today's challenges with aging, weight managment and healthy lifestyles. The ChiQue personalized protocols are designed to meet the needs of each client. The journey of successful longterm healthy weight control is the foundation of the weight control program. 

The culmination of Rhonda’s leadership in ‘natural health’ along with her capability in guiding clients to overall health and wellness is the underpinning of ChiQue. Rhonda’s commitment to her clients’ long term successes and freedom, is grounded by scientific evidence, collaboration with healthcare professionals and helping individuals navigate the learning process of what works for them to be successful in their personal transformation journey.

A published author, Rhonda has produced numerous peer-reviewed articles and regularly contributes to Canada’s leading health care magazines. Rhonda has appeared on numerous television and radio shows on various topics. She has been a keynote speaker, spokesperson and presenter delivering numerous successful presentations nationally across Canada to both professional and consumer audiences.