Safe and Support that fits you

The ChiQue Pharma Weight Loss / Weight Control Programs are considered safe and provide the recommended daily allowances for vitamins, minerals and macronutrients.

You eat your own foods in sensible portions with the guidance of the program you have selected. For In-Clinic Weight Control, One-on-one consultations help guide you.

The programs fit your lifestyle and are intended to help you learn about the food you eat, the portion sizes suitable for you and the lifestyle to support weight management.

It is an evolution to make personal transformations and lifestyle changes that you’ve been telling yourself you want to make and that you’ve tried before,.

To make change, there are several steps involved but the most difficult steps are commitment and follow through.

Transformation and lifestyle changes are a process, they take time and support is very helpfulCareful planning, setting achievable goals and taking matters step-by-step walks you right through the front-door of the new you.

We understand that a weight change journey is very personal. For some of us, buddies are helpful and supportive and, with a buddy, you are not alone. Share your journey, encouragement and support with a buddy every step of the way and you will be amazed at how much more successful you can be.

Or, if you prefer one-on-one support, meet with a Rhonda Dorren, Founder of ChiQue. 

Our programs are inclusive—

  1. In-Clinic Weight Control -We provide receipts suitable for individuals with extended health plans.
  2. At Home Weight Control