ChiQue’s Professional Line of Supplements

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According to the Harvard School of Public Health, supplements are like dietary insurance, helping to fill in any nutritional gaps in your day-to-day eating habits. Nutritional intake (diet), smoking, exercise and other lifestyle choices along with health status may not provide all the necessary nutrients such as vitamins and minerals required for the body to reach and maintain optimal health. Trying to understand and keep up with all the studies and general information on supplements and health is daunting. Examining the evidence from epidemiolgical studies on diet and health to biochemical studies on the minuscule mechanisms of disease, there are potential benefits to taking supplements. 

Applying experience and expertise in healthcare, weight management and pharmaceutical products,  Rhonda Dorren Founder, ChiQue Pharma has designed the ChiQue Pharma professional line of supplements, to help your body meet its ongoing demands.

ChiQue supplements are included in your membership.