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Corrective Contour

In today’s world of individuals wanting less invasive, non-painful, effective treatments, ChiQue Pharma has proven combination treatments to meet this need.

The application of CORRECTIVE CONTOURING is a non-invasive 2 treatment application process for body shaping and body sculpting. You get 2 different treatments with each treatment appointment. The magic in CORRECTIVE CONTOURING is the permanent removal of fat cells along with tightening (firming) of the skin.

The first step with each treatment is the application of medical grade ultrasound which causes fats cells, and only fat cells to be permanently broken apart. This process is called fat cell lypolysis. The broken apart fat cells are removed from the fat cell tissue naturally. The second step is the application of medical grade microcurrents and pulsed electro magnets delivering additional fat cell break up along with skin tightening treatment. This process delivers multiples actions including angiogenesis (rejuvenation of skin blood vessels), which helps facilitate activity of stimulated fibroblasts, enhanced collagen and elastic fibre formation replacing relaxed elastic tissue. This causes fresh, new fibres, tightening skin and permanently skin firming. This treatment also permanently breaks up fat cells.

The results are continually revealed for 3 months following treatments. Personal genetics, aging and lifestyle continue to work, so maintenance treatments are recommended. The CORRECTIVE CONTOUR treatments are delivered weekly for corrective application and monthly for maintenance application. This treatment is painless and there is no downtime.

CORRECTIVE CONTOUR delivers medical grade treatments that cause cell lipolysis which is the break up of fat cells and cell apoptosis which is the natural death of cells. This treatment does not cause cell necrosis which is deadly damage to cells. This treatment effectively targets only fat cells without delivering damage to adjacent non-fat tissues, blood vessels or muscles.

What areas can be treated?
Abdomen, Arms, Back (Love-Handles), Buttocks, Thighs, Calves.

What is the result?
CORRECTIVE CONTOUR delivers permanent elimination of fat cells, tightens skin and reduces the appearance of stretch marks. The treatments deliver even results.