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Wonder how your body and your career are linked?
You just might be surprised…

Let’s face it. It’s hard enough to be taken seriously in the boardroom… you don’t want your insecurities and lack of confidence to add to your troubles. When you are uncomfortable in your own skin, it’s obvious to everyone around you. Pulling at your clothes, hiding behind your desk, afraid to speak up for fear of drawing attention to yourself. All of these lead to a perception of you that isn’t always accurate.

Recently, there has been a lot of research indicating people who are considered attractive; those with confidence, self assuredness and offer big, bright smiles, are more successful and make more money. Fair? Not really. True? You bet.

When your body is the last of your concerns, it will free up so much more headspace to concentrate on the task at hand. When you are confident in yourself and your looks, you will begin to present yourself in a fresh and new way. You’ll exemplify conviction, flare and poise. You’ll find yourself volunteering for new projects, you’ll tackle new challenges and most importantly, the powers that be will see you in the best possible light. These are all characteristics that management love and reward!

You will be taken seriously…

In this competitive world, we could all use an edge. Something to help us get noticed. Something to help us stand out from the crowd. What you present to the world reveals a lot about who you are. It shows you take care of yourself and it demonstrates the degree of detail you put into other things. You will get noticed and you will get taken seriously.

Isn’t it time for a career boost? Whether your want to tackle a specific problem area on your body through Ultrasonic Scultping, or Venus Freeze treatments or you’re after a complete new you through one of our complete programs, get the body that gives you confidence and ultimately, gets you noticed.

ChiQue will be your partner in your journey… a journey that can start today and can end in your most successful career yet!

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