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  • Lisa Williamson from ChiQue Talks About Living Life Dairy Free

    Eating a dairy free diet can be a daunting task. The need to know all the dairy ingredients and check all your foods can be a big adjustment. Often people get confused and overwhelmed with all the information that is first thrown at them when making this lifestyle change. This blog will help dairy free individuals transition to a healthy, balance ...
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  • Rhonda Dorren on Eat a Protein-Rich Breakfast to Lose 2.5 Fold More Weight

    A whopping 2.5 fold greater weight loss occurs eating a bigger breakfast when compared to eating a small breakfast, as reported in the journal Obesity. What’s more -- waist circumference, blood glucose and insulin levels improve to a greater extent in a big breakfast group when compared to a small breakfast food in the reported study. Read the summ ...
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  • Rhonda Dorren on 5 Shortcuts For Achieving Your Goal Weight In Record Time

    Keeping it simple makes a world of difference to success when trying to lose weight or control weight.  1.Eat Right This is so important. Eating right doesn't mean eating less, it means eating the right amount of food for your body to lose weight. Everyone is not the same so it is important to understand what balance of foods you need for your bo ...
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  • Rhonda Dorren on How Safe is Your Self-Esteem from your Weight?

    Is every ounce of your self-esteem wrapped up in what the scale says? Have you studied and possibly tried every diet ever created, read a zillion diet books, recorded every Dr. Oz weight loss show and are still unhappy with your weight? Many individuals have lives that are measured by pounds lost and gained from day to day, week to week, month to m ...
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  • Rhonda Dorren on What does ChiQue stand for?

    ChiQue pronounced – Sheek-You… represents YOU—an elegant, smart, stylish, strong, modern person, sort of like the term Chic. First and foremost, weight control for everyone is feeling better about you. While many of our clients join to lose and/or maintain their weight and we help them do that, weight control is not only about the weigh scale or po ...
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  • Rhonda Dorren talks about 11 Weight Loss Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

    Keep in mind: no one is admired for failing to achieve the impossible 1.Following Dr. Oz and doing everything he suggests Dr. Oz delivers good information on his shows but if you try to do everything he suggests, it is dazing and confusing. 2.Being ill-prepared The preparation stage is this most important stage, because without planning, we se ...
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