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Posted by Rhonda Dorren
Rhonda Dorren
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on Friday, 25 May 2012
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Rhonda Dorren on How Safe is Your Self-Esteem from your Weight?

Is every ounce of your self-esteem wrapped up in what the scale says? Have you studied and possibly tried every diet ever created, read a zillion diet books, recorded every Dr. Oz weight loss show and are still unhappy with your weight? Many individuals have lives that are measured by pounds lost and gained from day to day, week to week, month to month. Do any of these scenarios sound like you?

These actions and thoughts impact self-esteem and self-esteem needs nurturing as much as our body does. Self-esteem is not complicated. It’s simply our capacity to love and nurture ourselves. When we make loving ourselves conditional, like, “I will be so happy after I lose 30 pounds,” it’s like holding our self-esteem hostage. Not nice. Often we talk to ourselves and make excuses, "It's my genes", "I'm much too busy to…..", "I like myself this." This is a way of protecting ourselves from the way we see ourselves now, versus the way we want to be.

The more self-esteem we have, the better able we are to make healthy food and exercise choices. The best way to get out of the low self-esteem trap is to engage in "actionable esteem” activities instead of trying to “think” ourselves better. Effective “actionable esteem” activities are unique to each of us. What works for your best friend may not have any effect for you. Finding out what works for you is very worthwhile – once you understand this about yourself, much change can happen. And in that space, it seems quite effortless. Fascinating, don’t you think?

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Super User Saturday, 26 May 2012

self asteem is huge......and I agree it is all about nurturing......then you share with others..... :o)

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