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Posted by Rhonda Dorren
Rhonda Dorren
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on Wednesday, 02 May 2012
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Rhonda Dorren on How to Take Charge of Your Food Demons

Eating is one of the most essential (and enjoyable) experiences in our lives. How we eat our food is just as important as what we eat and both are critical factors in how food affects our lives. There are lots and lots of ways to take charge of your Food Demons. The point is you can do this—here are just a few ideas:

1.            There are some physical activities that can make a big difference to taking charge of Food Demons. One is to consciously chew your food and chew until the food is of an even consistency. While there is no magic number of times to chew food, this concept requires that your attention be on the food in your mouth and chewing it properly, which also improves digestion and absorption of the food.

2.            Plan how much you are going to eat in advance of beginning to eat. Set the food out and eat at a moderate pace. Planned eating stops you from eating too much and when you finish eating, you won’t feel heavy or still hungry. You’ll feel satisfied.

3.            Learn to identify personal triggers for mindless eating, such as emotions, social pressures, or certain foods. This is very important because it transforms into mindfulness, helps to focus attention and awareness, which are great tools to help deal with mindless eating. Focusing on the moment at hand helps us stop habitual, unsatisfying and destructive behaviors.

4.            Become aware of your negative eating habits. It is the first step toward managing your Food Demons. We all have a basic idea of our eating habits but truly paying close attention to them is a critical step. The devil they say is in the details and this certainly applies in this case. Make written notes each time you give in to your Food Demons, paying attention to all the details associated with the occurrence.

Awareness is the first step toward improvement.


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Super User Wednesday, 02 May 2012

identifying food demons is thinks they are in control of the whole situation until you sit down and study your food choises and think about your random eating never mind the food consumed at meals.....chewing is huge digests soo much better never mind you enjoy the taste more.....I am starting to realize that sitting chewing and drinking lots of water at the meal table whether it is with my husband or just alone....makes a huge difference in how my approach to the rest of the hours I am on a path....of positive.....:D

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