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Posted by Rhonda Dorren
Rhonda Dorren
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on Tuesday, 10 April 2012
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Rhonda Dorren on The 5 Laws on Getting Off Sugar

Typically, the way we used to eat sugar for thousands of years, which was naturally in the food we ate, it wasn’t a problem. The way we eat it today—fewer raw foods and more processed foods—means, in many cases, over one-third of the calories we consume come from sugar and from white flour. Our bodies are not designed to handle this much sugar.
Sugar stimulates the release of dopamine, which makes us feel pleasure, into our systems. You may have noticed that although sugar gives you an initial high, you crash several hours later, leaving you wanting more. Eating sugar can start out as a habit and like any other substance that helps us to feel better, can turn into an addiction. Although it initially provides more energy, when you crash, you’ll feel exhausted, anxious and moody. And you’ll crave more at that point to feel the energy again.
Beating a sugar habit or addiction isn’t easy. A plan to kick any habit is necessary and getting help to get off sugar is important for success, especially if you struggle with your weight.
The first step is to make the commitment to get off sugar. Write down your commitment—research shows writing down any goal is the first step to reaching it. Step two is to get prepared; if the urge to eat sugar always wins over your commitment to stop eating sugar, remove all sweets from your pantry. The third step is to cut back on the amount of sugar you consume every day and plan to be off sugar completely within 14 days.
These 5 laws make the difference:
1.    Purchase Stevia for your pantry for use it in place of sugar.
2.    Eat protein with breakfast. Eating protein with all of your meals is essential and helpful to weight loss.
3.    Look for hidden sugars in the food you eat—read the ingredients on the label and do not consume those foods (hint: ingredients ending in ´ose’ are sugars).
4.    Eliminate all ´sweets´ in your diet. Read food labels for the foods you are consuming if you are not sure of sugar content. You will be surprised how many foods have sugar in them.
5.    Over these first weeks while the sugar cravings are decreasing, try eating a small serving of something pickled to stop the cravings (not too much, pickled foods are high in sodium), use fresh herbs and try adding cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla to foods you used to add sugar to such as coffee or cereal.
Certain supplements will also help you feel better while you are removing sugar from your diet. If you’d like more information about these supplements or any other dietary changes that can be helpful if you are looking to lose weight, please contact ChiQue at Calgary (587)794-4553 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Once you have successfully stopped the sugar cycle, be sure to continue to keep sugar out of your diet. Even small amounts of sugar could start the cycle of craving again.
ChiQue Pharma Weight Control Clinic’s programs are personally designed for our members—we’re here to help you with your individual struggles with weight, body image and food so you can get back to having the life you want—where you participate in the activities you enjoy, spend time with friends and loved ones, start dating again…whatever the life you want looks like. We are here to support you with your struggles so that you can achieve your goals.

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