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Posted by Rhonda Dorren
Rhonda Dorren
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on Wednesday, 04 April 2012
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Rhonda Dorren on Understanding Why We Crave Certain Foods

Whatever you crave—chocolate, chips, ice cream, candy bars, cookies, bread, cheese….the important thing isn’t what you crave; it’s why you crave it. What is it about you and your body that makes you crave certain foods at different times of the day? What’s behind the choices and cravings you have? For one person, it’s salty foods, for another, there’s not enough sugar in the world.

Most diets preach cravings are a problem—you need to be disciplined. The cravings need to be eliminated. We don’t agree. We believe the desire for specific foods is an important piece of information telling you what your body needs or whether there is an imbalance.

If you’re feeling a bit low, you may turn to heavy carbohydrates, which lift the levels of serotonin in your brains, elevating your moods. When you’re feeling tense, you may turn to chocolate or alcohol to relieve the stress. Or, if you’re tired, something sugar laden or an extra cup of joe to keep you going.

Your body is telling you it needs something to help you relax, have more energy or elevate your mood. These cravings are critical information. Begin to listen to and observe your body and your energy when the desire for calorie-heavy food or drink shows up. By doing this, you can avoid giving into the cravings. With a deeper understanding of what is really going on with your body and your emotions, you can make healthier choices and reduce your calorie intake.

Eliminating the cravings isn’t helpful or may not be possible—understanding them is.

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