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Posted by Rhonda Dorren
Rhonda Dorren
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on Tuesday, 08 May 2012
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Rhonda Dorren on Weight Loss Participants and Candidates Alert: The Fat Loss Cure Scam To Avoid

Everyone wants to burn off that extra belly fat as quickly as possible but watch out for Fat Loss Scams and Fat Loss Cure Scams. Typically, these scams claim to increase metabolism in their promise to burn off fat. What may actually happen is that the product may mildly affect another system in the body, have an impact on total energy intake (affects appetite) or possibly have no physical impact on the physiological processes of the body at all.

Junk science is a method of promoting what appears to be solid scientific proof based on information that lacks true credibility. This trend commonly incorporates fear by the distribution of information suggesting that if you don’t do as is recommended, you will be in serious trouble. These scams are often easily identified because they are selling a test, product or procedure unique to their company that will single-handedly solve the immediate fear causing problem. Zealots promoting junk science, can be dangerous to the health and wellness of individuals whose health is compromised, because these individuals may need to under the care and attention of qualified health care practitioners, but choose or are persuaded to ignore this in favour of following a junk science solution.

I won’t identify specific Fat Loss Scams or Fat Loss Cure Scams but it is important to keep in mind that boosting metabolism to cure fat loss is often an erroneous claim. In addition, true scientific evidence is accomplished through scrutinized investigations that are published in recognized evidence based journals. While science may reveal serious knowledge about life threatening scenarios, the dissemination of this information is commonly not cloaked in fear mongering.

When in doubt, ask a health care practitioner for clarification.

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