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Posted by Rhonda Dorren
Rhonda Dorren
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on Monday, 13 February 2012
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Rhonda Dorren on Intention and Decision for Change. Hope.

Changes of Strategy ahead pictureHope is powerful. The feeling of hope makes such a difference. Connecting intention and a decision for change, fuels hope. Those little mini-wins day after day, slowly adding up to great success, fuel hope and hope, fuels the mini-wins. Dr. Wayne Dyer, a celebrated author, often writes and talks about intention. In his book, “The Power of Intention”, Dr. Dyer makes a point about intention, describing it as much broader than a person’s determined ego or an individual’s will power. He defines intention as, “the culmination of every part of us,” our “emotions and physical body”, our “Spirit” as well as the “physical world” around us. Dr. Dyer further describes how our Spirit (Free Will) is concentrated at the point where we focus our attention and so, we can consolidate the energy of our Free Will at any given moment in time. What an aha moment. If this paragraph gives you an aha moment that you would like help with, call us at ChiQue Calgary 587-794-4553 or send us a request to call you.

Often we consider our Free Will as the enemy inside us. Acting on our Free Will, our behaviours can leave us questioning ourselves. Questions like: “Why did I do that”, “why did I not do that”, “why did I eat that”, “why did I say that”?

As a senior executive, working in Toronto, I was on a constant quest for balance in my life. The serious demands in my positions, at times, were fairly ominous and my standard reaction was to work more and more, abandoning my intention and decision to have balance in my life. One of my decisions and intentions to achieve balance was Pilates. I am not flexible at all, seriously, not at all. So, I decided and really intended to, learn and become proficient at Pilates. I even purchased a Reformer (Pilates exercise device) for my Toronto home. What I learned was that since my thoughts (Spirit) were concentrated on work all the time that was where my actions were, and that is what I did. During the times when my thoughts (Spirit) were concentrated on balance, those were the times when I worked and I did work hard, but also remained dedicated to Pilates.

What is most fascinating about this is when my thoughts (Spirit) focused on balance, aligned with my decision and intention, finding time was not a chore and actually working on the Pilates machine was not a chore. It wasn’t hard to fit the time in, nor was it a dreadful experience while I was working on the device and it wasn’t frustrating to make it happen. It was only when I was totally focused on work that I found it a real chore to use my Pilates machine and disliked having to find time to do it.

I find this understanding of Free Will, Decision and Intention, sheds light on how to achieve those min-successes. “Free Will” is a big part of the equation. Focusing and concentrating my thoughts (Spirit) on the goal I want, guides my “Free Will” and I almost unconsciously make choices that are in line with my decision and intentions. If you have an aha moment that you would like help with, call us at ChiQue Calgary 587-794-4553 or send us a request to call you.

I look forward to thoughts and comments.

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