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Posted by Rhonda Dorren
Rhonda Dorren
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on Friday, 20 April 2012
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The Food Provided Weight Loss Diet Guide To Never Learning How To Eat

Weight Scale Need HelpFor those of us who have lost weight only to regain it again (and sadly, that’s what happens more often than not), studies on different programs for the management of overweight and obesity show these conditions need ongoing management, even after weight loss goals are achieved. Having this management provided by a health care professional in a weight management control clinic has proven to be one of the best ways to succeed at sustainable weight loss.

Long-term weight loss continues to be a challenge despite the short-term successes. Providing food for those needing or wanting to lose weight has not been shown to improve long-term weight loss outcomes. Education, counseling, group support, meal plans and grocery lists have shown much higher success rates.

Having food provided by a weight loss organization is a trend in the management of overweight and obesity that focuses on directly changing the way we eat by providing calorie-, portion-, and nutrient-controlled meals or meal replacements. While we may lose weight, we can’t stay on the program forever. At some point, we need to go back to eating food bought at the grocery store and cooked, like everyone else does. Once the provided food is no longer there, if we have not learned the required lifestyle changes such as meal planning, portion control and how to deal with reaching for food when we just feel like eating, chances are we will regain the weight we lost. This is not only really discouraging and frustrating, the up and down weight loss and gain can damage our health and self-esteem.

Learning how to live like a thin person is a complex process. It requires support from a health care professional who understands the dynamics and the process internally and externally. Sustainable weight loss also means learning what lifestyle is effective for your body type, your way of life and your state of health. Stop losing the same weight over and over again, call us at ChiQue Pharma and let us help you find freedom….for a lifetime.

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