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At ChiQue, we provide hope and we deliver results.

How is ChiQue different from other weight loss programs?

We’re different than other weight loss clinics. At ChiQue we take a realistic, personalized, healthy approach to helping you lose weight. We know that you hear that with lots of programs. At ChiQue we understand the science of weight loss and maintaining weight loss. Real weight loss and weight control is about practical tools, combined with support and help.

ChiQue is here to support you through the process without all the nonsense. Seriously, we offer programs that care about you and your sucess

Lose weight and get your verve back.ChiQue Offers Two Options:

1) In-Clinic Weight Control Program. ChiQue Pharma is part of Alberta Health Services’ Netcare program. For clients attending the in-clinic weight control program, this enables the Healthcare professional taking care of you, to monitor your overall health and wellness.counseling

Your transformation is achieved through this membership based program which offers the following services: 3 times per week guidance meetings, nutritional guidance including meal plans, tasty recipeslifestyle guidance, consultations with a kinesiologist, licensed Natural Health Products and referrals to other medical services where required and with your permission, consultations with your medical healthcare team or family physician.

 2) At Home Clinic Weight Control Program.  For clients who want to go through the transformation to weight loss, health and wellness without check-ins, weigh-ins or guidance appointments, this program gives you the core information for your transformation. You lose weight, acheive better health and increased verve (improved healthy energy).

The tool kit includes: The ChiQue Pharma At Home Weight Loss Program Booklet (created by by Rhonda Dorren, Clinical Woman at home readingPharmacist with over 30 years’ experience in managing weight and guidance for better health), the ChiQue Pharma Weight Loss and Better Health Formula, 4 weeks of easy to follow enjoyable meal plans with regular grocery store foods, content to support your health and weight loss program, the ChiQue Pharma Real Life Guidelines for success (we tell you what works and what doesn’t work), recipes that taste great, 6 weeks worth of supplements to support the weight loss journey.   See more........

Fad diets, vitamin shots and prepackaged, pre-ordered food don't work. You can't live the rest of your life this way. We offer realistic, sustainable and healthy solutions to permanent weight loss and weight control.

More about the ChiQue Pharma In-Clinic Weight Control / Weight Loss Program

When you first come to see us, a thorough history is taken:

  • gathering your family history
    Man looking in mirror holding stomach
  • gathering your medical history
  • confirm your health status accessing Alberta Health Services' Netcare Program
  • understanding your personal challenges
  • determining the current state of your health

Rhonda, who has spent 30 years in the healthcare and weight loss industry, is a published author of several papers and e-books on weight loss and weight control.

She has a background in pharmacy and healthcare and expertise in the internal workings of your body, what happens with your metabolism and how the medications you are on may interact with and affect your weight.

How does it work?

Once you have completed your history, ChiQue gathers the information and works with you to design a program tailored to your individual needs and to your lifestyle. We know you are busy and we work with you to design a plan to suit you.

Your program is designed to fit your life and schedule and combines healthcare, nutrition, psychology, education and aesthetics, delivered by our in-house professionals.

  • Eat your own food.girl in blue
  • Stay empowered. Attend regular one-on-one consultations, which we recommend highly as the best way to stay on track. If you can’t make one-on-one consultations on a regular basis, we can set up Skype or phone sessions with you.
  • Need more? Healthcare professional treatment recommendations help keep you on track.
  • Weight Control Membership in our programs is inclusive—your membership fee includes all support, counseling sessions and supplements. Some membership options include aesthetic treatments. We provide receipts suitable for individuals with extended health plans.

 “The program ChiQue designed for me is the only one that’s worked for me so far, and believe me, I’ve tried them all! Being able to eat my own food and have access to ongoing support to get at the core issues of why I overate has made all the difference.” Debra S., ChiQue client

“I am a big fan of the ChiQue program because it is about me. I really look forward to my in-person consultations because they are about me and my challenges. My monthly membership takes care of the financial portion automatically. I don't dread my appointments like I have in other programs where they were all about trying to sell me something everytime I went there" Terry J., ChiQue Client

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Our commitment to you

 It MUST be fun! If fun isn’t a factor in the program, you won’t enjoy it and you won’t get the benefits (which is why there is such a high dropout rate in weight loss and weight control programs… they just aren’t fun)

  • One-on-one support throughout your journey that focuses on you and your needs.
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    We provide hope and we deliver results