What our clients are saying about ChiQue Pharma


I have lost approximately 20 pounds and I am feeling great and looking forward to continuing my new life style. What you eat certainly affects how you feel. Who’d have known!! Thank you for sharing your expertise and knowledge and I am forever grateful to you for all your support and assistance. --- L.H.


Ultrasonic Sculpting is amazing! A painless procedure that gets you the results you want. I have never looked or felt better.  Even after just 4 treatments I noticed my clothes fitting better. Those stubborn problem areas are finally disappearing. Thank you to the wonderful team at ChiQue Pharma. --K.L


For years it has haunted me to wear a bikini but Ultrasonic Sculpting has slimmed my waist and helped get rid of my cellulite. I am finally excited to put my bikini back on this summer. --H.H


After turning 40 I started to notice age spots forming on my face.  Every time I looked in the mirror all I could see were the spots.  The Microdermabrasion treatment has diminished my age spots significantly. I am very happy with the treatments and results.  --A.F.


After years of painful procedures I have finally found a relaxing and successful way to reverse gravity. The Venus Freeze has tightened the skin and reduced the cellulite on my thighs and underneath my bum. This painless and extremely relaxing treatment has me hooked for life.  -- J.K


I was experiencing serious pain throughout my body constantly and Rhonda was able to suggest foods that I should consider cutting out of my diet to see if the pain was reduced or went away. Now as a result, I enjoy a gluten-free diet and no longer suffer with constant pain. I am so very grateful for the relief. Thank you!G.K.


Thank you ChiQue Pharma for getting me ready for my wedding.  I felt fabulous and confident on my special day.  My wedding dress looked so beautiful and fit perfectly. Thank you Ultrasonic Sculpting! --- C.L


After the Microdermabrasion treatment in the Chique Pharma clinic, my face is looking so fresh and smooth, I am just thrilled. In fact,it is like it was when I was 20 years old.  Such a nice experience, the treatment was perfect and the staff treated me like a queen.  Thanks ChiQue Pharma team for making me feel young again. --P.T.


For years I have obsessed over my turkey neck. I am so happy with the results from the Venus Freeze. My turkey neck is gone and I feel great. Thank you ChiQue Pharma. --R.P


First of all I would like to mention what a pleasure and delight Rhonda is to work alongside to encourage me in my journey to accomplishing and achieving my weight loss goal.  Not to mention the staff which certainly do add to the flavor of service and support to their clients. Thank you ChiQue Pharma.K.G.


My beer belly has replaced my six pack but Ultrasonic Sculpting slimmed my belly and made way for the return of my six pack. Ladies here I come!  --M.K


Since I was a teenager I was ashamed of my face because of acne. I tried all the stuff, from medications to creams,  but still had acne.  ChiQue Pharma put together a Microdermabrasion treatment plan for my skin type. I love how clear my skin is beginning to look and feel.  Thank you Chique Pharma, you saved my life! --L.T.


As I got older the skin on face got really wrinkly,  I especially notice the crows feet and wrinkles around my eyes. After just one treatment of Venus Freeze I noticed a difference. The wrinkles are not as deep and noticeable as before. I’m so excited to continue with treatments. --B.M


I have lost 28 lbs in 6 weeks and am still losing.  I love my new eating style.  Thanks Rhonda. Thanks for putting in the time, energy and interest in my life and my desire to live healthier. --C.H.


I have spent many years trying to find a treatment that would be successful in helping me get rid of those stubborn love handles.  Ultrasonic Sculpting has been that treatment.  My pants have never fit better. --S.R


My aging hands were killing me. Over the years I tried everything that I heard of to get rid of sun spots and the aging appearance of my hands. When I came to Chique Pharma, they told me about microdermabrasion which is pain free and a non invasive treatment.  I can now show my hands with confidence, I feel “chique” again.  --S.M.


Giving birth to three children has left me with a pouch underneath my belly button that nothing can get rid of. After continuous dieting and exercise I felt hopeless.  Walking past ChiQue Pharma I noticed a poster for the Venus Freeze and now 5 treatments later, my tummy feels and looks completely different.  People are surprised when I tell them I have had three kids. I cannot thank you enough ChiQue Pharma! --P.H


I received lots of encouragement and pointers during my weight loss, this experience was the best.  My work takes me out of town and on the road often and when you travel, you don’t always get to eat where you want or what you should.   Gas stations necessarily do not supply healthy foods. ChiQue’s approach to weight loss gave me a totally different insight that I have never experienced before.  I know what I can eat to lose weight and to maintain and if I want to get fat I know that road as well.G.B.


After only 6 treatments of Ultrasonic Sculpting I felt more confident in clothes that previously made me self conscious. Thank you ChiQue Pharma. --T.F.


I love microdermabrasion. The first time I was nervous and that it might be painful. But after just one treatment, I saw a big difference and I really enjoyed it.  It was gentile and very relaxing. Chique Pharma team you are amazing! --R.K.


After losing 50 lbs in the ChiQue Pharma Weight Control Program I found myself feeling great and more energized. However, the weight loss left me with some unwanted sagging skin on my abdomen. The Venus Freeze has been a dream come true.  That unwanted skin is now smooth and I can finally show off my weight loss--H.B.


“Education is being told What to Think, Knowledge is Knowing How to Think”.  Over the years of trying weight loss programs I was hung up on the “What to Think” regarding calories and weight gain. Now I have the Knowledge of “How to Think” about my weight and the foods I eat, including how to pick foods to get the best benefit for my health, weight loss and life style. –B.G.